20210228_163744_ajusteI teach Philosophy at the Farroupilha Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology, in Uruguaiana, RS, Brazil (2019-current). I have a Doctorate in Philosophy from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2018), and I was also a visiting researcher at the Florida State University (2015-2016). My main topics of interest include moral responsibility, responsibility practices, free will, punishment, and violence. Contact: marcelofischborn@gmail.com

Selected publications


Gilberto Gomes é mesmo um compatibilista? Filosofia Unisinos 19.3, 2018, 179-188.

Questions for a science of moral responsibility. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 9.2, 2018, 381-394. preprintresumo

How should free will skeptics pursue legal change? Neuroethics 11.1, 2018, 47–54. preprint

Neuroscience and the possibility of locally determined choices: Reply to Adina Roskies and Eddy Nahmias. Philosophical Psychology 30.1-2, 2017, 198-201. preprint

Libet-style experiments, neuroscience, and libertarian free will. Philosophical Psychology 29.4, 2016, 494-502. preprint

Edited Book

O lugar das emoções na ética e na metaética (ed. with Flavio Williges and David Copp). Pelotas: NEPFIL Online, 2018.

Popular article

Livre-arbítrio ao nosso alcance. ComCiência, Dossiê Limites da Mente, 2019.

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