cropped-img_20180912_071201135_hdr.jpgI teach Philosophy at the Farroupilha Federal Institute, in Uruguaiana, RS, Brazil. I got a PhD in Philosophy from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2018), and I was also a visiting reasearcher at the Florida State University, USA (2015-2016). My current research is about how to understand and improve responsibility practices. I’m also interested in free will, moral responsibility, punishment, and violence.

E-mail: marcelofischborn@gmail.com

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  1. Paper on conceptual and ethical issues about the improvement of responsibility practices. [under review]
  2. Chapter on moral responsibility, punishment, and crime prevention [in Portuguese, submitted]
  3. Popular article on questions about the existence of free will [in Portuguese]
  4. Paper on conservatism vs. reformism about responsibility practices