Marcelo Fischborn’s CV

(em português aqui)

Contact: marcelofischborn [at]


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy (2014-current)
    at Federal University of Santa Maria
    Dissertation: Freedom and more: Questions for a science of moral responsibility (provisional)
    Supervisor: Frank T. Sautter
    with a visiting period at Florida State University under the supervision of Alfred Mele
  • M.A. in Philosophy (2014)
    at Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil
    Thesis: Why (and why not) reject anomalous monism
    Supervisor: Rogério P. Severo
  • Licenciatura in Philosophy (2011)
    at Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil




Translations into Portuguese


  • “A critical assessment of Pereboom’s proposal on crime and punishment”, presented at the III Workshop on Naturalism, in Pelotas, RS, Brazil. [10/2016]
  • “Two free will-independent principles for scientifically informed legal changes”, presented at the 2016 UF/FSU Graduate Student Philosophy Conference in Gainesville, FL. [2/2016]
  • “Libet-style experiments, neuroscience, and libertarian free will”, presented at the 2015 Minds Online Conference. [9/2015]
  • “Antecedentes neurais de decisões conscientes e livre-arbítrio libertário” no Encontro Anpof 2014 em Campos do Jordão, SP. [10/2014]
  • “Algumas questões contemporâneas sobre livre-arbítrio” no Curso de Bacharelado em Filosofia da UFSM, em Santa Maria, RS. [2014]



  • Principia [2016], Minds Online Conference 2016 [2016], Filosofia Unisinos [2016].